Parties is a great way to show your appreciation just about anything. You can have birthday parties, wedding parties, corporate parties, summer parties and any event parties. However, with a gazillion of people celebrating or having parties, it can become a little monotonous pretty fast. So, to set you off against the rest here are some fun party additions to make your party extra fun.

Party Extra Fun

Bouncy Rentals

Perfect for birthday parties or any parties that requires a lot of childish fun. The Houston bounce house rentals is something that children and adults would love to have in their party. It is not common but it is pretty fun to have around.

Fruit Drinks inside Fruits

You can take the drinks in your party to the next level by drinking fruit drinks inside fruits. It is a fun way to serve drinks and a new experience for some that would be delightful.

Colorful Themes

There is something about a unique and well-rounded theme. You can have as much color in your party and still make it work or have a muted color and end up with a lovely time with everybody else. It’s how you make each element perfect and just the right way of your style.


Games is also something that is considered life of the party. Meaning they are a always part of the party so, you may want to consider making it interesting by either putting in a twist or a make into a life size version. Jenga, chess, and checkers are only a few of those fun things.

Lighting Secrets

Lights can give light to a somewhat dark party. Just make sure to be able to play the light as best you could so you can highlight the best aspects of your party. Don’t be scared to play around with it. Cause you might get the best lighting by playing around with it.

Music is Life

Set the ambience and mood of the party by playing music. Let it be known that you create a playlist that will build the energy as the party goes on. You should make sure to create a music playlist that will be relevant to the party and its energy mood.


You can make fun dessert recipes and serve it in your party. You can add in a twist or you can design the dessert according to the theme. There are many fun dessert ideas you can try to make sure that your food fits your party vibes.

Karaoke Fun

A karaoke machine might be something that could be fun in parties. Who doesn’t want to show their singing abilities with family and friends. Make sure to have some karaoke fun with everybody. You can make it interesting by giving awards to all the fun geeky awards you can think of.

Throwback Themes

As mentioned before themes can be a fun way to add extra-ness to your party. However, not every future forward theme works you can also make throwback theme work. You can put-on old-school streamers or old school disco balls.

Finger Food

You may use finger food instead of going a full-blown course. Depending on your theme you can have finger pizza as a main course in the party. You can however prepare a little something that is more substantial for other guests.